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Bonnie and I had the privilege of reading your book……your life story was a joy to read and an inspiration to us. I’m sure generations of the Woods family will treasure it as well.
I had no idea that a friend who we know as such a success struggled with so much in the decades before we became acquainted. Yours is an amazing story!
May you have many years to enjoy the fruits of your work!

Wayne Drager | East Orleans, MA

I just finished Miles from Home. It was a great read and of much personal interest to me…..I think it is well written.
I know I liked it because I spent about three weeks reading it. That way I had a new chapter to look forward to each day.

Tom Lockwood | Charlotte, NC

How much I have enjoyed reading your story. Would that there were more like you in this world! I consider it a privilege to know you……

Charlotte Staton | Cashiers, NC

Just finished reading an incredible book Miles from Home. Could not put it down!! Read the whole thing in 2 evenings after work.

Nancy Money | Jamestown, KY

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. It was at times very touching (Puppy’s injury, Rowdy stomping), and often fun and uplifting to read……

Matt Kirr | Columbus, IN

We received our copy of your book just the other day and have already read several chapters. I am touched to read the details of yours and my mother’s childhood, and doing so give me that much greater an appreciation of the adversity you both have overcome. (Also, the book is loaded with visual appeal – very well done!)

Gary Goble | Columbus, IN

It truly was an inspiration as well as enjoyable to read. I loved all the pictures.

Ann Johnston | Irwin, PA

I have finished your most informative and insightful book. As I read the last page, I just sat and reflected upon everything I had learned about you and your life. It brought that bittersweet smile to my face…….
Completing the book taught me so much: your experiences both personal and professional; the heartbreaking sadness, and, of course, the good times.

Penny Stasio | Naples, FL

I have read (Miles from Home) and couldn’t put it down. Look at you now……….Be proud.

Maggie Newsom | Columbus, IN

I just finished reading your book. You have every right to be proud of yourself. I particularly was interested in your early years. Your grandpa must have been quite a guy.

Bev Baker | Columbus, IN

I just finished reading your book. Once I started it, I had trouble stopping until it was finished. Thank you for sharing your life.

Myra Foster | Columbus, IN

Well, I am on my 2nd reading of Miles from Home. I find it so uplifting and encouraging. Sometimes what life gives us is not what we had in mind, but if we continually put one foot in front of the other, things change.
…..It was just what I needed……

Dawne Wilkinson | Pittsburgh,PA

What a full life you’ve led!

Nettie and Angelo Borelli, Naples, FL

I finished reading your book tonight and want to thank you for sharing your story with us.
I loved reading about your life’s experiences, successes, failures, ups, and downs. …….you are a man of character, raised in our heartland with good values and a work ethic that is far too scarce in today’s culture.
Your book is truly a gift to your family, and those that take the time to enjoy your story.

Rich Marino | Andover, MA

We are sincerely enjoying the book. There are many similarities in it which remind me of my early days.

Chuck Boddie | Columbus, IN

I was so touched by your book. I read and reread many chapters, as your story made my heart ache, and yet again, warmed my heart. There is much to be learned from growing up poor, and I do believe we are stronger and better to have experienced the desperation. I certainly hope so.
You are truly blessed to have found Carole to stand by your side and help you to follow your dreams.
You wrote a beautiful book filled with sadness and happiness, but mostly love.

Pat Baldwin | Naples, FL

The pages flew by with emotional highs and lows, love and hate, wins and losses and with personal victories for you……
Adversity can be a blessing and a curse. It makes some and breaks some.

Irida (Ozols) Miller | Columbus, IN

Well, I just finished your book. I started out depressed with your hard life in your early years. Made me want to reach out and help you. Had I known you then as a poor boy I would have been your friend.
Once (I) started it yesterday afternoon I had to finish it and spent two hours this morning with it.
I am happy you have written you life story. It’s one of honesty, hard work, tenacity, overcoming adversity, entrepreneurship and above all, love.

Don Franceschini | Montchanin, DE

This book is a sensitive tale of a man’s life, the trials that he endured and the determination to keep going, even when his knees and feet were aching.
I would highly recommend this book which makes you feel that you have walked the journey alongside Phillip Woods.

Nancy Line | Naples, FL

I was able to finish (Miles from Home) today and I have to say that it is an extremely enjoyable read.

Michael Willett | Indianapolis, IN

……finished Miles from Home within a week……a fascinating life story whose completion years from now likely will produce as many surprises for your family and friends as the first 310 pages.
It flowed smoothly and directly….letting the author’s personality come through. Congratulations, Phil, on putting your special touch on another tough accomplishment.
Let us know when Volume II will be available.

Bill Kendall | Columbus, IN

This country needs more Phil Woods.
Well done.

Roy Nash | Naples, FL

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading your book. There is so much to admire in your complete devotion to your family and country, and the way you came from such humble beginnings with hard work and determination to become such a successful man. I think some of our young people today could learn a lot from your story. I have to add that your tribute to Carole at the end brought tears to my eyes.

Pat Garvey | Naples, FL

I just started reading (Miles from Home) and have trouble putting it down! You certainly have had a long tough journey to achieve what you have today and should be an inspiration to our young people that complain about their lack of opportunity.

Joe LoPresti | Naples, FL

I’ve read (Miles from Home) first, finished in two days. I picked it up and read it in one and half days. The book should be read by students seeking to be entrepreneurs. Your determination to become successful in life was just a great read.

Vi and Frank Giacomazzi | Winchester, MA

I have read (Miles from Home) and passed it on. It was easy reading and certainly conveys that you have come a long way. It is a great endorsement of our free enterprise system. I am glad that you had the freedom and wisdom to innovate in your business.
I particularly like the way you talked to youngsters on your hikes and I hope some of them absorbed your message. We live in a great country and our country has been a very positive force in the world for a long time.

Pete Weiland | Skillman, NJ

I wanted to write you as soon as I finished (Miles from Home). I finished it last night and while I am a slow reader and more of a process thinker, I don’t remember when I have read a book of that volume so quickly. It was really good, Phillip! You tell your story very well and I could hear your voice as I read the words…….

Dave Woods | Greenfield, IN

Had to write and tell you just how much (Miles from Home) meant to me………I didn’t want to put it down………All I can say is WOW as I read the first dozen pages. You’ve captured so much here, and have opened up an intimate window into your own personal path through life.
Something like this should be REQUIRED of every family member to write – a romp through their own life, peering at life through their eyes, and looking introspectively at themselves.

John Grooms | Boston, MA

It is quite an extraordinary tale. I am sure writing this book was just as hard as all the walking. Rest assured I will…keep it prominently on my book shelf.

Mel Koontz | Atlanta, GA